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Bring Your Teams Together

The Microsoft Office 365 Groups feature moves team communications on to a new level by putting everything related to a project in one place. From Outlook, teams of users can connect, schedule meetings, share common calendars and files and take notes. Six tips and tricks for using

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BBC Detectors Are Back!

Do you remember the TV adverts with the TV Detector Vans cracking down on unlicensed televisions? Well they are back, but now they are on the Internet as well as local streets. From September 1st, 2016, the law is changing and you will need a TV License

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A Cunning Plan For Successful Group Working

Are you running a team, or involved with planning for single or multiple teams and projects? If the answer to that is yes, or if you are juggling multiple activities and need an easy to use tool to provide an overview of the status of all of

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Surface Bundles of Joy

We have been working hard with Microsoft to bring you offers for one of the most anticipated and highly rated mobile technology platforms to hit the market. The Surface family of high performance laptops and tablet systems offer everything you need to enhance your mobile work experience,

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Astec Achieve Highly Prized Surface Reseller Status

Microsoft is notoriously demanding in its choice of authorised resellers for its premium products, and the family of performance based Surface mobile devices is one of its most prized of new product launches. Astec’s relationship with Microsoft and expertise in its products and services ensured our position

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Windows 10: Small Business in the Mobile Era

Windows may truly be the route for small businesses into the mobile era Entrepreneurs, start-ups and small agile companies are already alive to the productivity-enhancing effects of mobile applications on workers’ tablets and smartphones. However, those experiences are generally detached from the desktop, where workers go for

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Microsoft unveils ‘flagship’ store in New York City

There is now a new reason for that long weekend trip to New York, after Microsoft opened its first ever ‘flagship’ store on New York City’s famous Fifth Avenue. Tech fans on America’s east coast now have the opportunity to browse Microsoft’s latest offerings, on one of

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Security improvements lead the way in iOS 9

Our appetite for IT innovation is seemingly insatiable and this is particularly true of smart phone technology. Just days after the rollout of iOS 8.4 at the end of June 2015, attention turned to the new features and specifications of Apple’s next big release: iOS 9. Expected

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Why do smartphones slow down in the warm weather?

Smartphones slow down in hot weather because the processors that power them have been designed to do so. These processors are heat-sensitive, so will reduce power usage when it’s warm to stop themselves from overheating. Essentially, the slowing down of processes means the phone runs slower, but

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Roaming charges to be abolished within the EU by 2017

Data roaming charges within the EU look set to become a thing of the past by June 2017, thanks to a new ruling by the European Commission. The ruling stipulates that all data charges should be abolished over the next two years, so mobile users can call

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