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Microsoft Announces UK Specific Data Centres

Stay Creative, Productive and Data Safe in the UK Operating your IT solution from a cloud infrastructure has just become more British. Microsoft Cloud now operates Azure and Office 365 from UK located data centres, allowing organisations with UK specific compliance and policy requirements to retain their

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Where Is Your Data Safe?

We are often asked the question, ‘Is my data safe in the cloud’? Well unless your data is on a device that has no communications interface and the device itself cannot be stolen, then the cloud is safer than any security measures you can support locally, with

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Government presses on with controversial spying law

Every web user in the UK will have their browsing history stored and made available to the police and security services, if home secretary Theresa May’s controversial new laws are approved by parliament. The so-called Draft Investigatory Powers Bill would see the sites – but not individual

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Microsoft reassures users concerning Windows 10 privacy myths

Microsoft has clarified its position on privacy concerns surrounding Windows 10, in a bid to quell rumours about the monitoring and harvesting of user data. The information comes in the form of a blog post, which acknowledges that privacy is an “incredibly important topic” in today’s connected

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Assume everything you do and say will be made public

In a prophetic blog post published on IT news site, The Verve, internet users have been encouraged to come to terms with the fact that, sooner or later, every piece of data they share online will be made public. Despite the semi-comedic tone of this article, the

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How do hackers steal passwords?

Passwords are a habitual security bugbear, too many people use easy to crack passwords because they are unaware of just how hackers manage to get into their accounts, it has been claimed. The usual image of a hacker entering countless variations into a user account before they

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Obama Orders World’s Fastest Computer

Who says it isn’t about boys toys? President Barack Obama has issued an executive order for US computer scientists to build the fastest computer in the world by 2025. However, the US will continue to face stiff competition from China, which currently leads the way. The National

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Hacks cost UK businesses £1.46 million

Security breaches can cost a business much more than its reputation, according to a new study, and the number of businesses affected by cyber-attacks is on the rise. According to a government-commissioned report from consultancy firm PwC, British companies could see security breaches leave them out of

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