The Club at the Waterfront

The Club at the Waterfront

Company Overview

The Club at The Waterfront is an exclusive, members only club in Bexhill, East Sussex which was completely refurbished in early 2017. The club operates a bar/brasserie, members lounge, function room and restaurant and serves 1,800 members and has an extensive waiting list to join.

Business Challenge

As part of the extensive refurbishment programme, the new owners of the club wanted an integrated technology solution for all operational needs of the club that would enhance the membership experience and deliver operational efficiency. This needed to include a membership management system, integrated intelligent door entry system and an integrated Electronic Point of Sale (ePOS) system for processing bar and restaurant orders. They didn’t want an inflexible ‘off the shelf’ package.

They wanted a bespoke software development solution that would enable them to adapt to the particular needs of the business. Other services for back office functions such as telephone lines, broadband, email services, general IT hardware and services and CCTV were also required.


Astec started by installing data cabling infrastructure throughout the site wired to a central communications cabinet which would support all computer hardware, ePOS systems, wireless access points, digital signage and future telephony options.

An analogue telephone line and fibre broadband were installed alongside an existing service to provide dual connectivity to the club for both performance and redundancy.

Wireless access points were installed throughout the site providing high speed wireless connectivity. This provides seamless wireless roaming everywhere inside the club and also on the club’s outside terraces both for the benefit of members and for use of the club’s own technology.

Eight IP CCTV cameras were installed both internally and externally at key positions, providing day and night high resolution security monitoring together with camera recording and playback for the club.

At the heart of the software technology solution, Astec deployed the Koneqt cloud and on-premise hybrid software platform.

Starting with a sophisticated membership and hospitality system, the software not only provides full management of club membership, it also provides an email marketing solution to provide on-going targeted marketing contact with the membership.

To fully exploit the software platform, Astec provided Microsoft Surface devices to allow the team to work with the system anywhere within the club over the wireless network or remotely from any location.

Members can be added with identification photographs taken and electronic signatures captured directly onto the Surface devices. As this eliminates the need for paper based systems and double entry of data it not only delivers a professional and efficient process for members, it reduces administration and the potential for errors in the re-entry of data.

Integrated into the membership system, a door entry system using Near Field Communications (NFC) technology was developed. This is similar to technology that used in contactless payment cards. Branded NFC key fobs were supplied to the club, which when presented to a reader at the front door, allows member access to the club.

This enables the club’s management to manage access whilst providing real-time guest attendance information to the team on duty. Additionally, membership usage patterns can be analysed to aid business planning, marketing and development.

ePOS terminals were installed in the bar and restaurant, complimented by mobile handheld terminals and all linked directly to the kitchen, printing food orders at the appropriate stage of service.

All bar, restaurant and mobile orders are linked and tied to membership accounts which can be optionally identified using the member’s NFC key fob, again providing valuable membership analysis to the club’s management. Additionally, the ePOS platform provides full reporting on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to allow detailed analysis of trends within the club.

This Koneqt platform solution allowed a totally flexible approach for the club with functionality being customised by Astec’s software development team. Everything is in line with the operational needs of the business. A unique approach for this type of operational software platform and a feature that will continue to add value for the club as the requirements evolve over time.

Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium was deployed to provide a range of complimentary IT functions including email hosting and filtering, desktop and cloud Office applications, cloud storage and work collaboration tools.

Astec provides on-going management and support for every aspect of the technology, through our PromisePlus support package including telephone, remote access and onsite support as required.


The integrated approach has delivered real efficiency savings, eliminating double entry of data and dramatically reducing the potential for errors in data recorded.

Members see an efficient, professional and friendly process for both signing up and using the club’s facilities on a day to day basis.

The club’s management is able to make informed business decisions based on up to date facts and analysis rather than ‘gut feel’ and educated guesses and being cloud integrated, the system and information is accessible from any location.

Communication and marketing to the membership is targeted, relevant and effective with minimal effort required to execute marketing campaigns and communication.

Operations Director, Claudio Ganadu commented:

“The joined-up and flexible approach to our system design provided by Astec, has given us real commercial advantage in a demanding market. Astec listened to how we wanted to operate and designed the system to fit and continued to develop the system as our needs evolved. Because of this, we have been able to provide a superior level of service to our members and offer a unique guest experience. We have efficient back of house operations and the key information we need to make important business decisions. Communication with members is simple and targeted at the right members at the right time. We really enjoy working with Astec and the support provided by them throughout the project development and since has been second to none.”

What Next

Based on evolving needs and feedback, Astec continue to work with The Club at The Waterfront for any further software development. This includes developing more extensive reporting and further developing marketing functions within the system.

Microsoft PowerBI will be used to develop business dashboards of key data trends and KPI’s within the business, delivered in real-time to the appropriate members of the team, accessible from any device and from any location.

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