Diversified Communications

SharePoint Case Study

Client Profile

Diversified Communications are one of the UK’s most successful event organisers and publishers, working with a variety of industries from healthcare to food and beverageThe company has grown from a single office with a small on-premise data server to an organisation with nationwide coverage and multiple office sites around the UK. 

The Requirement

Data was still located solely within the main office location and the business became aware of the need to start making use of more modern collaborative working practises, whilst rationalising the data that had accrued over the years and making that data more secure and available to the staff when working in off-site locations. 

Astec engaged in an extended digital transformation project with the client to gradually move their I.T. services into a Cloud first environment. Part of this process was a managed move of the data to Astec ‘Zone’ – a custom designed Microsoft SharePoint site that would allow for the company data to be securely stored off site, be easily accessible from any location and allow collaborative working within and between the different business units within the organisation.

Our Solution

Initially Astec carried out data audits across the business sites to determine the location of files and folder structures. Based on this a plan was created for a managed move and restructuring of the data in to the newly proposed ‘Zone’. The ‘Zone’ was designed to allow easy data access and collaboration between users staffing the various events that Diversified produce along with the sales, marketing and backend office functions. 

Data was migrated in a phased approach and occurred in the background, so as not to impact staff working in any way. As the different ‘Zone’ elements were completed for the various sectors of the business, staff were provided with one-on-one and group training as to the use of the ‘Zone’ and how this integrated with Microsoft Teams for collaborative Modern Workplace.

The Outcome

All the client’s staff now access their shared data online from within the Astec designed ‘Zone’ – data is safely secured on Microsoft servers in the Cloud and is accessible from anywhere with Internet connectivity. A customised navigation structure makes getting to relevant information easy and logical. Staff can easily share and co-author live documents and collaborate effectively across the organisation regardless of their location, be that in one of the regional offices or venue sites in the UK or abroad. 

Due to the current Pandemic situation and staff needing to work from home – Diversified were extremely happy that they had made the move to a Microsoft Cloud based Modern Workplace. The final roll out of the ‘Zone’ project was completed a few weeks before the Country entered lock-down and has meant that transitioning to home working was significantly less disruptive than it would otherwise have been.