Office 365 Training

Discover the Possibilities

Ignite your team with Office 365 Training

Microsoft Office 365 gives you the tools to do business differently. Astec’s training plan gives your team the Office 365 training they need. Your team will have the knowledge and inspiration to transform your business into a modern business. We cover a variety of technology areas and at different skill levels. In particular, we focus around the Microsoft business productivity tools of Office 365.

Boost Productivity

Get your team productive and working efficiently by helping them discover the endless shortcuts and tips for Office 365.

Keep Secure

Make use of the built-in advanced security Office 365 has to offer, such as user access management.

Work Anywhere

With Office 365, you’re not restricted to your office. Work from your laptop, mobile or tablet, anywhere with an internet connection.

Training, Tailored for You.

We provide ‘introduction to’ sessions to give your team a taste of what’s possible and ‘deep dive’ sessions in any aspect of the cloud platform. We offer training workshops where your team can get hands-on alongside our experts, to solve particular challenges.

Your team needs to be always improving their skills so that your business is getting the very best from your IT investment. We offer a range of packages to deliver training updates on a scheduled, regular basis.

Our Office 365 training can be delivered in person or remotely, one to one or delivered to a group. Delivery is in small ‘bite-sized’ sessions so that the information is not overwhelming and not too disruptive in the working day.

We complement this with a range of learning materials including training guides and videos which can be used for later reference.

Free & Easy Office 365 Guide

Quick tips to save you time for your growing business.