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Modern business IT infrastructure requires a flexible approach to providing the very best available technology options to support your needs and goals. We are proudly a cloud first technology provider due to the many benefits this approach can bring, but we also have many years of experience in delivering and supporting on-premise infrastructure. Determining the best approach for your business, whether cloud, on-premise or hybrid, is part of the value we will bring to your organisation.

Should we migrate to the Cloud?

For many, questions such as ‘Is cloud technology safe?’, ‘Where does my data live?’ and ‘Who has access to my data in the cloud?’ have held businesses back from making the move. As an experienced Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner, we can answer these questions plus any others you may have, and put your business on the right path.



Our IT Infrastructure Services include design and delivery of the very best solutions, bringing you security, flexibility, performance and scalability. We will also give you a rolling roadmap for your technology progression and work with you to align you to standards. We recognise that no two businesses are the same and will work with you and your team to determine the approach that is the best fit for you.

Microsoft Azure

With a truly global presence, Microsoft Azure public cloud provides businesses large and small the opportunity to move their technology to the cloud.

Azure is a comprehensive set of cloud services that can be used as the building blocks for your business in the cloud. With Azure, the possibilities are endless; virtual server infrastructure, virtual hosted desktops (VDI), disaster recovery & business continuity, application development environments, AI tools and Internet-scale solutions and more.

Services are paid for on a consumption basis, meaning an end to large hardware investments an providing easy scaling to meet the demands of your organisation.


Hybrid Infrastructure

Hybrid cloud architecture offers the potential to have the best of both worlds, with a combination of cloud and on-premise technology. When you have business demands that mean you still need on-premise elements to your infrastructure, or you are looking at a phased migration to the cloud, we have the tools and expertise to integrate the two environment. We build secure, seamless, integrated operating environments that work for your needs.

Office 365, Microsoft 365 & Astec Zone

While the Office and Microsoft 365 environments offer a huge array of end user productivity tools, they also deliver infrastructure in the cloud. Move your on-premise email / Exchange servers into the cloud with Exchange Online and move your data and build a work collaboration environment in our Zone solution built on SharePoint Online.



Tools such as Microsoft Teams & Yammer provide even more opportunities for team working, collaboration and communication. For many clients, we have been able to migrate their businesses entirely to cloud using these tools alone, significantly reducing cost and complexity resulting in huge productivity gains. You can read the case study here.

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Every business is different, and we will work with you to understand what the key drivers are for you. We will design a solution that not only meets your needs now, but one that will evolve with your business. Whether cloud, on-premise, or a hybrid approach, we will design and deliver a solution to make your business work at its very best.


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